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Any soft fruit may be blended with raw honey to give a fruity sauce. This sauce may accompany other desserts like rice pudding, pancakes, poached fruit, yoghurt etc. 

As this is a fresh food it will not have a long storage life, therefore make only as much as required.


1 cup mixed fresh strawberries or defrosted frozen strawberries
1-2 tbsp raw honey, date syrup, or maple syrup (optional)


  1. Blend strawberries or blend with either 1-2 tbsp of raw honey, date syrup or maple syrup.

  2. Pour sauce over yoghurt, pancakes, poached fruit, rice pudding etc 
  3. Store fruit sauce in a glass jar in the fridge and use within 2-3 days


Substitute other soft fruits for the strawberries:

  • blueberry
  • raspberry
  • blackberries
  • mango
  • banana
  • persimmon
  • kiwi